Anonymous asked:

I'm not excited about all the upcoming interviews though. I hope no one asks her why she took nudes....but I doubt it. I hope Jen's alright.

frostingpeetaswounds answered:

They won’t. PR and stuff goes through what questions will be asked and I think violating that ends the interview and the partnership with that interviewer so, people won’t ask her unless it’s meant to be talked about like ppl cant force her to talk about it. :/ radio interviews are more risky tho



THERE ARE NO “BUTT HURT” WOMEN WHEN THEIR NUDES GET LEAKED, there are just hurt, betrayed, and belittled women who’s lives are turned upside down because some assholes thought it was okay to either spread her nude or hack into her icloud and take it. stop acting like there are “butt hurt” women, no, there are just hurt women who have to go through shit they dont deserve because society likes to turn female sexuality into a punch line